MDF Circle 10cm 20cm 30cm 40cm 50cm 3mm 6mm Wooden

Products vary by Thickness and Size

MDF Circle 10cm 20cm 30cm 40cm 50cm 3mm 6mm Wooden

We are a relatively new company as we started in 2016 but we have been making living hinge ring binders for all of that time which is longer than anybody else.

We have sold thousands of wooden ring binders and are the only company in the world making them in earnest.

Our designs have been evolving this whole time and we believe we have make these binders both as stylish and robust as they can be.

We are the manufacturer so we can change any design to your bespoke needs. We can change:

  • Engraving - your logo or message or image can all be laser engraved into the product.
  • Material - if you could like a specific wood we maybe able to source it for you.
  • Size - if you need a specific size we can do this for you.
  • Colour - we can stain, oil, paint or varnish to your requirement.

UK Shipping is free, we use MyHermes which ordinarily takes about 3-5 days

For international shipping please just get in touch. We are happy to ship it's just that pricing can vary wildly so let us know what you want and where you want it and we will get you the best price we can.